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The Amigos are well versed in Retail and Distribution IT. Having worked in a small retail / wholesale business that became very big, and having supported most of the functions within that business, Ben and Marlon understand the problems that retailers and wholesalers face.

Having worked in and supported most functions within retail, we know where problems are likely to occur, where processes fall over, and where communication is likely to be lacking. Usually the first symptom of these types of problems is data corruption - the scourge of productivity. We can help you to identify process and processing problems and eliminate them for a more efficient business.

The Buying and Merchandise functions are the heart and soul of Retail and Wholesale. We know this and we also know how to support these functions with relevant and succinct information to enable more informed decision making.

We have experience in introducing POS to businesses. This is usually a massive shift in thinking and processes for any retail business, with the potential benefits in terms of profitability and stock management being massive. We can help you make this improvement. 

 Supply Chain Management and Analysis is essential to control costs, especially for importers. Having worked in this environment for over a decade, Amigo Solutions can put the systems in place to give you better control over your supply chain.